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Mountain Climbing

The African destinations have their fair share of magical, high-altitude Mountain Climbing experiences. The following are the four summits that offer accessible mountaineering experiences, incomparable vistas, and unique challenges, from Tanzania up to Kenya:

Mount Kilimanjaro

Elevation – 5,895 metres (19,341 feet)

Country – Tanzania

The difficulty of Ascent – Rated as a Walk-Up Mountain

Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest mountain as well as the highest freestanding peak on the planet. This means when you scale this peak, you do not see surrounding mountains but rather across the savannah landscapes far below.

Though technically a trekking endeavour rather than technical climbing, reaching Kilimanjaro Summit, the highest point, requires determination and stamina. The rewarding panoramic views from Uhuru Peak make this an unforgettable adventure.

Mount Meru

Elevation – 4,566 metres (14,980 feet)

Country – Tanzania

The difficulty of Ascent – Rated as a Walk-Up Mountain

Lesser known yet equally captivating, a Mount Meru Hike may be overshadowed a bit by Kilimanjaro, but it’s equally as amazing. Diverse landscapes and a more secluded atmosphere are major drawcards for trekkers.

The ascent features dense forests, open moorlands, and an ash cone near the summit. From the top, climbers will be awarded stunning views of the surrounding plains and Kilimanjaro in the far distance.

Mount Kenya

Elevation – 5,196 metres (17,047 feet)

Country – Kenya

The difficulty of Ascent – Rated as a Technical Climb Mountain

The second-highest mountain in Africa is also an extinct volcano. The mountain comprises two primary peaks called Batian and Nelion which are typically snow-capped. Its rugged surroundings and diverse ecosystem have earned it a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation.

The Mount Meru Climb involves making your way across alpine meadows, bamboo forests, and rocky terrains. Following this, you’ll reach the snow-capped summit.

Mount Ol Doinyo Lengai

Elevation – 2,962 metres (9,718 feet)

Country – Tanzania

The Difficulty of Ascent – Very Steep Climbing Trail

Known as the "Mountain of God" by the Maasai people, the Mount Ol Doinyo Climb to the summit is an otherworldly experience. Unlike the snowy peaks of Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, the trek up Ol Doinyo Lengai involves navigating through soft ash and loose rocks. Witnessing the sunrise from its summit is a spiritual and awe-inspiring moment.

As climbers take on the above Mountain Climbing adventures, they not only conquer physical challenges but also immerse themselves in the rich natural and cultural heritage of Africa! Adventure awaits – are you ready to climb? Book an African Mountain Climbing Package now and be part of our mountain expedition at African Travel and Tours!

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